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Radio Ink Forecast Provides the Most Accurate, Up-to-the-Second Data and Trends to Enable You to Plan for 2017.

If you are in radio and planning your 2017 budgets, this event gathers the smartest minds in broadcast and advertising to forecast trends, expectations, and revenues for the coming year. It is a must-attend event.

Following the event is radio’s premier networking event, honoring “The 40 Most Powerful People in Radio.”

Mason and Talbott to Chair Radio Ink's Forecast 2017

Radio Ink is pleased to announce the co-chairs for Forecast 2017: Dan Mason,  former president and CEO of CBS Radio and chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation of America, and Julie Talbott, president of Premiere Networks. Forecast 2017 will be held November 16, 2016 at the Harvard Club in New York.
Radio Ink Publisher Deborah Parenti says, "We are extremely excited to have Dan Mason and Julie Talbott serve as co-chairs of Forecast 2017. Both are highly respected industry professionals who will add greatly to the direction of this year's agenda, particularly as we look toward next year's political, business, and financial prospects and their impact on our industry."Read more.

Images From Forecast 2016

November 17, 2015
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Highlights Of Some Of The Topics Covered At Forecast 2016

Independent And Optimistic

Indie operators share their secrets to success


You hear it over and over again: Independent, small-market radio is in many ways an entirely different industry from the big public companies. But what makes that the case? Why are some independent operators thriving while the bigger companies try to get their momentum back after years of flat revenues? At Radio Ink's Forecast 2016, coming up November 17 in New York,  top independent operators will talk about their secrets to success in a world of Goliath-size competition. And radio companies of any size can learn from their experience in developing and growing new revenue streams. How do they take advantage of digital and social media? How are they making the best use of their powerful local connections? It's a conversation you need to hear. This panel is always a Forecast highlight, and with Beth Neuhoff leading the discussion, it's sure to be especially lively and compelling. Don't miss it -- register for Forecast today! Read more.

Don't Let "Silo Syndrome" Sink Your Company

In these days of complex, specialized businesses and markets, "silo syndrome" is all but inevitable: Groups, departments, and teams align in separate "silos" that communicate poorly outside their own boundaries, interfering with opportunities and bringing a host of problems — sometimes even disaster.

At Radio Ink's Forecast 2016, coming up November 17 in New York, author and award-winning journalist Gillian Tett will explain how she's observed how silos evolve and can undermine businesses, as well as how they can be mitigated and managed. In her latest book,  The Silo Effect, Tett sets out eight case studies, including Facebook, the Chicago Police Department, and New York's City Hall during the Bloomberg administration, using her observations to illustrate how foolishly even talented people can behave in a silo situation, and to explain how other individuals and businesses mastered their silos instead. Read more.

Piscopo and Catsimatidis Take Center Stage at Forecast

Most people will remember Joe Piscopo from his brilliant comedic talents showcased on Saturday Night Live, where he brought to life characters such as The Sports Guy and Doug Whiner. He's still going strong and is one of the most talented and versatile performers to ever hit a stage. At Forecast 2016, Piscopo will take the stage with legendary New York businessman and politician John Castimatidis, who may be best known for his 2013 run for NYC mayor, which he lost to Bill De Blasio. A billionaire New York real estate magnate, Greek-born Castimatidis is chairman and CEO of Red Apple Group, which has holdings in energy, aviation, retail, and real estate and employs more than 8,000 people. The match-up between two of New York's biggest personalities, Piscopo and Catsimatidis, is guaranteed to be fast-paced, witty, and engaging and a definite don't-miss for New York's radio community. Read more.

Don't Take Political Dollars For Granted In 2016

The 2016 elections will be the most expensive in history, and that means there's potential for a huge revenue windfall for media. But that doesn't mean radio can take anything for granted: Digital competitors will be going all-out after exactly the same dollars, and broadcasters are going to have to catch up to their pace — and more — to get their share.

At Radio Ink's Forecast 2016, coming up November 17 in New York, NAB chief Gordon Smith leads a discussion about how political spending is likely to flow from the Beltway and beyond, as panelists share their insights and predictions on how this election will unfold for radio. Read more.

The Meaning Of Disruption

Disruption. It means the overturning of old orders, the beginning of new challenges, the end of "the way we've always done it." It's exciting, but it can also be frightening -- what if you can't react quickly enough, and get left behind?

At Radio Ink's Forecast conference, coming up November 17 in New York, a panel of experts from industries creating and innovating disruption in the audio space -- and the opportunities that come with it -- will talk about how to plan and adapt in an unpredictable, disruptive environment. Where do you focus your investments in an era of constant innovation? What opportunities can be found when new competition is springing up everywhere? Read more.

Do Investors Still Believe In Radio?

IPOs, private equity and debt financing, purchases and privatization -- understanding what radio can do, and can become, means understanding the money. And at Radio Ink's Forecast 2016 -- coming up November 17 in New York -- a panel of leading bankers and equity investors takes a hard look at the near- and long-term future of radio and what it will take for radio to grow and thrive. Forecast co-chair Drew Marcus leads the conversation on who's interested, who's investing, and what can make or break a deal in today's volatile financial environment. Also on the table: politics, as the long election season and its outcome could have a powerful impact on radio, on both the business and regulatory sides. Read more.

Read The Signs For 2016

2016 is guaranteed to be a wild ride, with the elections, radio working to move on from what will almost certainly be a flat year for revenue, and unprecedented new competition. With so many variables, it's hard to get a clear outlook on the year ahead. But you don't need to rely on a crystal ball: At Radio Ink's Forecast 2016, set for November 17, 2015 in New York, you can hear a stellar lineup of panelists give their take on revenue trends and expectations for next year. Forecast’s opening panel of industry experts, in a discussion moderated by RAB chief Erica Farber, offer their prognostications on what’s in store for the nation and for media, in 2016 and beyond. They'll share their views on which categories, platforms, and initiatives are most likely to generate the most growth and expansion, and what radio needs to do to stay on the political spending radar. Read more.

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